About us

About Us

Established in 2005, Alzahra VFX and Animation studio is based in Yerevan, Armenia. Established upon artistic and techinal foundations, we focus on producing high quality animations, commercials and visuall effects to please the heart and mind of our clients. As a studio, we continue to evolve and are eager to learn new skills.


Founded in 2005, Alzahra is a friendly CG group set to explore the ever expansive possibilities of CGI spearheaded by the company’s visionary executive leadership: Javad Maturi; CEO, Reza Tayebi; TD and Mostafa Maturi; 3D Modeler.

Call it beginner’s luck, when we received an order from the acclaimed director Behzad Vaziri who entrusted us with a major project for his documentary,Sound Of The Stone.. The order included 30 full CGI shots, a number of which were combined with real life footage, providing us with a career changing opportunity. We successfully rose to the challenge, which proved to be a turning point.
Our commitment to “Quality” has earned us a reputable name within the market allowing us to take on more diversified and complex projects.
In the year of 2016 we decided to extend our services to the Indian Subcontinent. We were given a major and one the most challenging sequence in the feature “Bahubali:The Conclusion” directed by MR.SS Rajamouli. Little we realized at that time that History has repeated itself and our luck has continued all these years. Bahubali:The Conclusion went on to become the country's Visual Effects benchmark.
This Project gave us the understanding that being part of one of the biggest Film Industry in the world is not a mere task but we made a decision to rise to the challenge. We plan to execute top the line Visual Effects and 3D Animation also keeping in mind the Production requirements.


AlzahraVFX originally began as an animation and visual effects studio, so we make sure  we choose our team wisely to cater the needs of both these ever-expanding fields. As of now we are a full fledged VFX facility compromising of departments such as  Concept artists, character designers, Matte painting, Motion Capture, 3D Animation, Digital Character,Set/Environment Development, Specialized FX, Complex Crowd FX, 3D tracking and Final compositing. We also offer On-Set Supervising depending on our client's needs.
Our Artists are specialized in fantasy as well as photo-realism. They have mastered both art forms, while technique merely serves as a tool.

“Change is the only constant” and our team believes solely in it. Over the years we have developed ourselves to suit current industry needs. From making our team compatible with industry top softwares & techniques to successfully integrating our pipeline with non conventional techniques such adding Lidar & Photogametric data to our 3D pipeline, using Motion Capture devices to record Animation Templates etc.. our RnD team takes joy in learning new methods and technologies in the VFX World and making them Production Friendly.

We also house our ever-expanding state of the art render farms and 24/7 wranglers to make sure we run a smooth render network which supports our artists tremendously and guarantee on-time deliveries. We also have tie ups with render farms around the globe to support us in case of extra support. Our IT team pride in making sure all system requirements of the artists, data backups, offshore backups and High Speed Data transfers are upto date
Time, Money and Quality: We believe a successful VFX house is the one which balances these 3 perfectly and AlzahraVFX always stays in check with this.