About us
AlzahraVFX offers highly personalized visual effect and 3D animation services to the feature film, TV (shows and series) and commercial markets. Our mission since 2003: to transform your vision into golden, moving pictures. Our approach: to select work which speaks to our strengths, and to develop transparent, long-term relationships with our clients and partners. We invest our time in mastering your needs, then devise the most cost-efficient visual effects solutions from storyboard to final polish. Every effect deserves style and quality. AlzahraVFX team is always pushing the limits of their creativity to deliver impressive effects.
Our goal is to breathe life into your story the way you have always imagined it.

Founded in 2003, Alzahra is a friendly CG group set to explore the ever expansive possibilities of CGI spearheaded by the company’s visionary executive leadership: Javad Maturi; CEO, Reza Tayebi; TD and Mostafa Maturi; 3D Modeler.
Call it beginner’s luck, when we received an order from the acclaimed director Behzad Vaziri who entrusted us with a major project for his documentary,Sound Of The Stone.. The order included 30 full CGI shots, a number of which were combined with real life footage, providing us with a career changing opportunity. We successfully rose to the challenge, which proved to be a turning point.
Our commitment to “Quality” has earned us a reputable name within the market allowing us to take on more diversified and complex projects. Now, into our 12th year, the hard work has paid off and our team of 3 original founders has expanded into a company of 15 permanent employees and 10 contractual freelancers enabling us to produce better results in shorter time frames. Consequently we strive to expand and develop our talented team so as to continuously enhance our products.
Our work portfolio now boasts a total of 16 feature films, over 40 high-end commercials, 9 TV shows, more than 10 documentaries and 3 TV series, and the list is increasingly on the rise, as we gain further experience in the fields of VFX and animation.
Since Alzahra originally began as an animation and visual effects studio, our team of talented recruits are skilled in both fields. Our animation artists are specialized in fantasy, rhythm, color and movement. Our artists have mastered the art, while technique serves as a tool. In the field of VFX we emphasize the importance of producing believable and realistic imagery. Our VFX artists first develop a good grasp of the film’s theme and concept and are thereby able to use the best available techniques to confront the challenges at hand. Our talented team of artists have taken on such complex film projects as “Bahman” and “Lonesome, Lonely” and more is yet to come!
What now?
Alzahra is continuously looking for new challenges in it’s quest for the best, expanding market possibilities and at the same time maintaining the highest possible quality in this ever changing environment.