Cheetoz 2

Client: Cheetoz Co.
Agency: Daarvag
Type: Commercial
Duration: 27 sec
Alireza Koosheshfard, Mehdi Moayedpour

Sound design: Daarvag


After the success and the fame of Cheetoz 1 at the beginning of 2013 we signed a contract for the Cheetoz project series 2, 3 and 4 at the same time (We were so excited since we could expand our work and show our talent)
Cheetoz 2 was one of our best works, in case of storytelling, Color, simulating and lighting. Especially the main characters were so great due to the hair and cloths simulation as everyone one mentioned later it made our animation so realistic in case of attraction and also was huge step forward for us to do the same with more characters in the next Cheetoz series.
25 artists in AlzahraVFX Studio worked on this project and It took us 3 moths to finish it up.

After cheetoz 2 Animation were distributed and showed on TV channels many times, we got so many attention and also got featured in so many international magazines for the success of the project, we got featured For example in Pixology website the zbrush maker company. 

CG Society shared our work too J.  After this project our company started to getting so many attentions and so many job offer from different part of the world. This project was a huge step forward for us.


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