Cheetoz 1

Client: Cheetoz Co.
Agency: Daarvag
Type: Commercial
Duration: 20 sec
Director(s): Amir Alavi,Shahab Najafi
Sound design: Daarvag


Alzahra VFX & Animation Studio received a serious offer from a big client "Cheetoz" (Dina Food Company ) about making a teaser for their famous character. It was a very good chance for us to develop our level and show our talents and artistic side with that , Its was high end commercial project. So we gathered the best artists for this project because we wanted to make a difference. 

Making of Cheetoz Animation Series:
The creation of Cheetoz 1, was very challenging for us since we had to convert the 2D Animation to 3D models and environment with the same attraction as 2D animation, we worked two month on the project R &D, we had so many meeting with art directors and designers to come up with the final environment. 


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